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DisTech inc.

Manufacturer's representative principally oriented toward hot water heating systems.

Since 1986

Since its inception in 1986, DisTech has acquired a solid reputation by providing competent and professional technical support to its clientele. In order to maintain this reputation, DisTech is continually searching to represent the most modern state-of-the-art equipment available, allowing us to remain ahead of our competition.



For three generations, Viessmann has been providing comfortable, efficient and environmentally-responsible heating solutions.

Security chimney

For 50 years, Security Chimneys International has built a reputation as one of the most trusted suppliers of quality chimneys and fireplaces in North America.


Throughout the world, on land and on sea, Hubbell water heaters provide hot water for nearly every application imaginable. We’ve spent the better part of a century not simply perfecting a few models, but perfecting thousands of solutions that have made our products a mainstay for a multitude of commercial, industrial, marine and naval applications. Our reputation for carefully engineered, long lasting equipment is one we intend to keep. As a third generation, family owned business, it’s personal. Today, Hubbell water heaters are still made on American soil and almost exclusively in New England where we first began in 1920. Our heritage is part of our success, even as we continue to adapt in order to stay ahead of latest industry trends. After 100 years, we still embrace each new challenge as an opportunity to grow.


Intellihot today designs, manufactures and assembles tankless water heaters for residential, commercial and industrial applications—the first to do so entirely in the United States. Quality and innovation are at the heart of all our products, which were developed following years of extensive research. We continue to be recognized for our innovative design – we currently have over 60 awarded and pending patents.