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Vitocell 300

Vitocell 300-V

model 42, 53, 79 and 119

Vitocell 300-W single-coil domestic hot water tanks are made of high-alloy stainless steel to satisfy the highest expectations with respect to hygiene, recovery rates and service life expectancy.

  • Long service life due to corrosion-resistant hot water tank and heat exchanger coil construction of high-alloy stainless steel.
  • No sacrificial anode required for additional corrosion protection; therefore no anode replacement costs.
  • Heating of the entire water content by a heat exchanger coil extending to the tank bottom.
  • Reliable hot water comfort due to fast, even heating with large-diameter 1.25" non-finned heat exchanger coil.
  • Minimal standby losses through highly effective foamed-in-place HCFC-free insulation.

Vitocell 300-H

Modèle EHA 42,53,92 et 119

Stainless steel horizontal Indirect hot water heater approuved also for low pressure steam.


Vitocell 300-B

Modèle 79 et 119

Stainless steel Indirect hot water heater